Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Peeps" for Tina

This is for my "sister" Tina at  She spoiled my youngest Joshua before he was even born.  She gave him 2 gifts, the first was a giraffe blanket as seen in the picture below.  I cannot tell you how much he loves his "raffi".  His whole face lights up when he sees it, even if its only been minutes.  He has slept with it since he was old enough to hold it.  It's his comfort item!!!  This is Josh at a month old

The second gift she gave was another giraffe but this was one of the ones that plays soothing sounds to help babies sleep.  It really worked but we've always had it attached to the side of the crib for safety.  Well he's old enough now that he can have it loose in his crib and last night we found it wrapped up in his arms.  The picture isn't the best since after I took it he woke up...He is now 13 months and growing way too fast!!!

I can't wait to scrap these pics...should I ever be able to get to my room again :)  So a big thank you once again to Tina for not only providing comfort to my son but also for your love and friendship! 


  1. I love reading the stories that make us not only CTMH sisters, but "soul sisters" as well. Heartwarming!

  2. He is adorable, and so are the giraffes! And so is Tina, for being such a nice friend! What a lovely story.

  3. OHHHH its my peeps!! I love you babe! And you suck Jenn I think I am going to cry - you get my love and friendship anytime girl, its easy to give when you get it back as well!!