Thursday, February 23, 2012

Use it or Lose it - Challenge #2

This challenge is a photo interpration challenge!  I love the colours from this photo!

At first I was going to do a layout but it wasn't flowing right so I switched and made this card. 

Scrapbookers Etc this month had a great section on using Baker's Twine which where I got the idea for the flowers from.  I wish I would have use a b&t for the blue circle but I wasn't redoing it.
Please join us at and check out all the fabulous work of our design team and share your own!!

Supplies used: CTMH cardstock, Love Life stamp set, Twinery baker's twine

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Roxie Fancy Nancy!

This one is kind of cheating since it was our make and take project at convention...but I did finally put the pics in it and do the journalling.  My wonderful niece is sporting the latest in Fancy Nancy wear lol!!!  She has the attitude to pull it off.

This was layout that almost never made it.  This was the last activity for Friday and by this point I was exhausted...something to do with a midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7 part 2....(don't believe anything Tina tells you it was fun and worth it!!!)  but I left all the precut pieces for the layout in the hotel room and you think I lost one of my kids.  The poor guy didn't know what to make of me.  Exhaustion I tell you!  The had extra ones laying around and it was fine, other than I felt stupid for getting upset over something so simple.  I recovered quickly and we had a great night at the awards banquet and stayed out till midnight walking around downtown Disney.  I can't wait to start scrapping that much fun!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Layout #6

Nothing to exciting for this post...I did this layout in about 5 minutes :)   I love the Babysaurus line from LYB! 
I`m selling my 2 year old...he`s kind of cute...very fond of time out lol!    Been having a tough time with him lately.  He didn`t transition well out of his crib so he`s not sleeping great at night making the terrible two`s just a little more terrible.  He`s my last so I am trying to cherish the sweetness and let go of the terrible at the end of everyday...he`ll grow out of it soon enough! 

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Use It or Lose It - Challenge #1

I'm so excited my first challenge as a design team member.  The challenge is to use the first stamp set you bought from Close to My Heart.  Mine was "Beary Much"...I used it for my very first class!  I will spare myself the embarassment of posting that card lol!!!  The idea of these challenges is to use those scraps you've been saving and supplies that have been "saved" for just the right project.  I am happy to say that no 12x12 papers were harmed in the making of this layout lol.  I also haven't used this stamp set in probably 2 years.  The bears are so cute...glad they got some more use!  So please click the button to the right to check out everyone's fantastic work and I hope you'll join us for some fun!!!

Products Used: CTMH More to Adore, Beary Much and Primavera Rub Ons

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Layout #4 - William

I have finally started going through all the school pictures and projects and putting them into order.  It was starting to create a life of it's own in the corner of my scrap room.  Will's Pre-K stack has been particularly tough to go through.  He had an amazing teacher!!!  She saved everything for the students...every picture they made to all the laminated pieces with their names on it.  She also gave each child an album of all the pictures she took of them over the course of the year.  I also have pic`s of all the family days we attended.  His pre-k year could fill it`s own album!!  My goal is to do it in 8 layouts...which is still a lot but I feel so lucky that he has all these pictures.  Anyways here is the first layout uses CTMHs Typeset line.

 I am privileged to be part of the Use It Or Lose It design team  and our first challenge will be posted on Friday!!! I hope you`ll play along!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Virgin Cure - Random House Readers Challenge

I posted back in January that I was going to participate in these reading challenges and I am so happy I did.  I finally got a chance to read the Virgin Cure by Ami McKay and it was amazing!  It follows the story of Moth in 1870's New York and her struggles from the age of 12 and on to overcome a life of poverty.  Through a series of challenges she ends up being "rescued" by Ms Emma Everett.  Ms Everett runs a brothel and sells a virgins first time to the highest bidder.  It is as really fascinating read...what would you do if you faced a life on the streets and thought your only way out was to become a age 12!

I love how the book is have the story told from Moth's perspective but also from Dr Sara's view.  She comes into the story as the Dr who treats the girls at the brothel.  All throughout the book there are notes in the margins explaining some history from the time period.  There are also ads for products or theatres mentioned throughout the novel.  It is such a great way to explain the time period.  It wasn't overdone or too "heavy".  It didn't weigh the story down in a bunch of unneccessary description.

It was so well written...amazing charaters that draw you in.  You want to take Moth in and give her a good home!  I always have a point of no return where I can no longer put the book down, it has to be finished.  In this book I was barely half done.  I read all afternoon...I had to know what happened.  I really recommend giving it a read!

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