Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Roxie Fancy Nancy!

This one is kind of cheating since it was our make and take project at convention...but I did finally put the pics in it and do the journalling.  My wonderful niece is sporting the latest in Fancy Nancy wear lol!!!  She has the attitude to pull it off.

This was layout that almost never made it.  This was the last activity for Friday and by this point I was exhausted...something to do with a midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7 part 2....(don't believe anything Tina tells you it was fun and worth it!!!)  but I left all the precut pieces for the layout in the hotel room and you think I lost one of my kids.  The poor guy didn't know what to make of me.  Exhaustion I tell you!  The had extra ones laying around and it was fine, other than I felt stupid for getting upset over something so simple.  I recovered quickly and we had a great night at the awards banquet and stayed out till midnight walking around downtown Disney.  I can't wait to start scrapping that trip...so much fun!

Layouts posted 7/52
Books read 8/52


  1. Well I'm glad you got to finish it!! and it's not cheating if you have never posted it before!! I really wish I could have went to the Disney convention it must have been so much fun!!! Your niece is too cute!!

  2. oh I agree with Jenn it is not cheating at all. Now when it comes to Harry potter thats a whole other story there Mrs Scalabrini!! No!! the sitting in the theatre for HOURS was not worth it at all - the movie was good though. LOL wow hard to believe that was 7 months ago!

    By the by yup Skyla can really pull this off!!

  3. Ooooh, you should scrap your trip in a SMASH book! Okay, just kidding, I won't bug you about smashing anymore, but seriously, this layout is too cute! Ailis loves FANCY NANCY, and so do I, I must confess! Really loving the ruffled ribbon, that must be a new product? Beautiful! Hugs, Roxy.