Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Layout #6

Nothing to exciting for this post...I did this layout in about 5 minutes :)   I love the Babysaurus line from LYB! 
I`m selling my 2 year old...he`s kind of cute...very fond of time out lol!    Been having a tough time with him lately.  He didn`t transition well out of his crib so he`s not sleeping great at night making the terrible two`s just a little more terrible.  He`s my last so I am trying to cherish the sweetness and let go of the terrible at the end of everyday...he`ll grow out of it soon enough! 

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  1. This is pretty stinkin' cute! Brenna turns 2 next Wednesday and she's really giving me the gears too! She drives me completely bonkers with her tantrums and screaming, so I feel for you!

  2. Very sweet layout!!! Don't you love that age!!!! They can be such a pain one minute but so cute the next!!! Aidan was my worst at that age, just go go go!!!! One time he locked himself in the bathroom, swiped everything from the counter into the toilet and flushed it!!!! You have the right attitude though!! Time flies and soon you will be wishing for these days back (at least some of them anyway (:

  3. Who peeps? Never!! LOL. Cure layout girl. I wont even tell you what Paige was doing at 2 That almost made her no more!! Well not over the net anyway, I kind of like her now that she's 15 - lol. Miss you girl!!

  4. Love the layout - those photos are adorable. Good luck with the "terrible 2's" - it won't last long!!