Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Virgin Cure - Random House Readers Challenge

I posted back in January that I was going to participate in these reading challenges and I am so happy I did.  I finally got a chance to read the Virgin Cure by Ami McKay and it was amazing!  It follows the story of Moth in 1870's New York and her struggles from the age of 12 and on to overcome a life of poverty.  Through a series of challenges she ends up being "rescued" by Ms Emma Everett.  Ms Everett runs a brothel and sells a virgins first time to the highest bidder.  It is as really fascinating read...what would you do if you faced a life on the streets and thought your only way out was to become a age 12!

I love how the book is have the story told from Moth's perspective but also from Dr Sara's view.  She comes into the story as the Dr who treats the girls at the brothel.  All throughout the book there are notes in the margins explaining some history from the time period.  There are also ads for products or theatres mentioned throughout the novel.  It is such a great way to explain the time period.  It wasn't overdone or too "heavy".  It didn't weigh the story down in a bunch of unneccessary description.

It was so well written...amazing charaters that draw you in.  You want to take Moth in and give her a good home!  I always have a point of no return where I can no longer put the book down, it has to be finished.  In this book I was barely half done.  I read all afternoon...I had to know what happened.  I really recommend giving it a read!

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  1. This is totally on my TBR list, in fact I have it on hold at the library,but I may have to buy it before I get it from there. You're the first person I know to read it, so glad to hear a good review!