Sunday, June 12, 2011

Layouts 17 & 18

I had such an amazing time last weekend scrapping with my girls!  I completely finished 19 layouts, I was 6 short of my goal but I am still really happy.  These 2 layouts were my favorite from the whole weekend!!!  This layout was done in the new Little Yellow Bicycle baby collection!  I love this set and can't wait to use the rest of it!!!  When Josh was born everyone was concerned about the swine flu so the kids weren't allowed in the hospital to meet their new brother.  I understand the why's of it but I was still mad.  We had to juggle babysitting between my sister and parents so everyone could come and see Josh.  Happily 24 hours later we were home, I'm sure if he wasn't a c-section baby I would have left that afternoon!  The boys were so excited to meet their brother.  They couldn't get enough of him.  I will always cherish these pictures!

This layout was done in CTMH daydream and K & Company stickers.  Nate and Sky were happily playing in Sky's bedroom and my sister Janine and I were enjoying a great visit.  All of sudden we see Nate at the top of the staires wearing a princess dress.  Sky followed behind with a very satisfied smile.  I still to this date have any idea how she got him to go along with it but I am so happy.  I love scrapping girly pages of my boys.  When Will was this age I have pics of him painting Katie's toenails and playing make-up.  Too much fun!!!

Lots more to come.  I still can't leave comments on people's blogs.  Really hoping they fix it soon!


  1. Adorable layouts Jenn! Love the little dinosaurs on the first one...are they felt? Great photos, wonderful memories!

  2. They are both so sweet!! I love the title on the first one (: and I like what you did with the Daydream paper!! I did the 18 page workshop with it for my niece and never finished but I think you have inspired me to get it out and keep going (: I'm glad that you had such a great weekend with the girls!! It's always nice to have the time to get some scrapping done!

  3. 19 layouts, that is insane, girl!!! Love these two, the second is hysterical!!! And all the photos on the first, truly priceless. I was having the same problems as you with blogger, then today I realized I have Google Chrome on this computer, tried it, and now I can comment again. Don't know why, but I'm just going with it! Anyway, glad to see you're still out here in blogland, and can't wait to see more of your LOs. Hugs, Roxy.

  4. what great layouts.....I have been terribly negligent in my blogging and commenting over the past couple of months. My apologies!!! We have been a bit consumed dealing with a family member with a terminal illness. The process has been eye opening, but also a priveledge and a pleasure to participate in. I will hopefully be able to get on here more. Keep up the great work..

  5. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great and creative,,,