Friday, November 2, 2012

Layout 27

Ack...another month has gone by.  Life is crazy as always.  Tis the season for Christmas card workshops and craft fairs.  So I have been busy prepping for those.  Next week I am going back to the book store for some seasonal work.  I'm really excited to be working with books again!!!  Such a nice change from my day job which I am grateful to have...don't get me wrong but there have been so many changes lately.  It's getting to be a little overwhelming! 
On to my layout...just a fun layout of my kids and husband being goofy.  I am almost out of Stardust paper but I might be able to get one more layout out of it :) 

Hope you all have wonderful weekend!!! 

Layouts 27/52
Cards 10/30
Books Read 45/52

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jenn, yeah, time sure does fly! This layout is so cute, the pictures are FAB!!! Oh man, I think I would love working at a bookstore, too! There is no book store here, but Extra foods has a pretty good selection, and now I have my Kobo and have been buying books for that, ack! So many books, so little time!!! Well, have fun with work and hope you get some crafty time again soon. Oh, PS - loved Stardust, I'm totally down to the odd scrap of that set! Hugs, Roxy.