Sunday, April 3, 2011

Layout #13

Technically most of this layout was completed last year but put on the finishing touches last week.  This is a pic of my now 4 year old when he was 10 months.  I have a calendar page at the beginning of each month for his baby book... well I plan on it anyways.  The paper is from a slab my mom brought me back from Hobby Lobby.  I love it! 

I haven't been scrappin very much other than putting all the incredible swap layouts I received together.  I need a good day to go through and add pics to them! 

We have also been busy adjusting to our latest family member...we adopted an Australian Shepard puppy whom we have named Jasper.  He's 4 months old and sweet as a button!!  My kids are so happy to have a pet that will play with them.  The cats are not very social with the kids so it's nice they now have a pet too!


  1. Very cute layout Jenn! And of course Jasper is the sweetest little guy to add to your three boys! Mayber Jasper and Oreo should meet LOL!

  2. OK, Jasper is stealing the show here!! What a cutie! Your layout is pretty nice too!

  3. I love your layout! I really like the little strips of different paper. One of my friends did the calendar with her kids and I wish I had!!!
    Jasper is a sweetie!! My kids keep bugging and I would love to get them a dog, I just don't think I'm ready for one though ):

  4. Beautiful LO, loooove the colours! Gosh, your boy was a cute baby! What a good idea, sticking him in the pumpkins!!! And your puppy, wow, he is adorable! He looks like he will have plenty of energy to keep up with your kids!