Monday, November 21, 2011

Missing in Action...

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the long absence and very sorry I have missed so many of your wonderful posts!  I hope to catch up after my craft sale is complete.  I thought I would share a few of the many projects I have been working on!

I found this idea on Nona Davenport's blog this summer.  She did a series on recycling objects for crafts.  Nona used mass market books for her wreaths and hot glued them.  I despise my hot glue gun so I used pearl pins...lots and lots of pins.  I thought this was a great way to use up surplus paper.  The idea is though the you make fortune tellers (like when we were kids) using 4x4 squares and pin them upside down to get the flower shape.  It takes about 144 squares (12 sheets of b&t).  So a huge shout out to Nona because I am in love with these...if they don't sell they will make great Christmas gifts!

and yes I had a lot of surplus b&t lol! 

I have several canvas pieces completed...this one is my favorite.

 and of course washer necklaces (which once I got them loaded on my gypsy so I didn't have to cut them by hand) were alot of fun!
I have completed pencil boxes, coaster post it note holders, Christmas cards and tags, dry erase boards and 12x12 frames with completed scrapbook pages.  I hope to post more later but I better get back to work :) 


  1. cant prefer peral pins, its too exhaustive. i think hot glue is much better.

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  2. Looks Great girl! Now today you just have to take a deep breath and enjoy everything.

  3. Wow!! Beautiful projects Jenn!!! I always burn myself with my hot glue gun so I don't blame you one bit!!!

  4. Oooh, I missed this post somehow! Love the wreaths, and I have a lot of B&T (Emporium, I think) that I could use to make one of those! The canvas looks great, let us know how they sell! And the washer necklaces look great, too!!! Have you been reading anything great these days? I did a book review post a couple days ago, and I thought of you, haha! Anyway, must let Ailis practice her math on the computer, take care, Roxy.