Monday, April 16, 2012

Layouts 11 & 12

I have to say I have been too busy scrapbooking to post layouts :)  I took some time off over Easter and started going through my stack of magazines.  If I saw a layout I liked instead of marking it...I just made it!  These came from a couple of old Scrapbookers etc's.  Both layouts of our new Kitty K.C...well she was new in 2010 lol!!!!  They both use some old CM B&T and the second layout (although it's really hard to tell in the picture) uses a lot of white CTMH rub on's.

Come back on Friday of the next Use it or Lose it Challenge!

Layouts 12/52
Cards 3/30
Books Read 14/52


  1. I have to say k.c. Is adorable!!! I really love how you were able to get a lot of photos on each spread. So, what are you reading these days? Chat soon, Roxy.

  2. Fabulous layouts Jenn!! They are perfect for when you have a lot of pics of something!!! I'm hoping to get something done for Use It or Lose It this week but it won't be in time for Nikka to post ): I have been busy with the job switch and yesterday I got a darn cold ): I love the theme though and even have the perfect pics for it so hopefully this weekend!!