Thursday, April 19, 2012

Use it or Lose it Challenge #7 - Rainbows!

For this challenge you could use rainbows themselves or draw inspiration from the colours.  I chose to draw inspiration from the colours.  I had these great Fancy Pants blast off papers and more pics from It's a Blast indoor playground.  I used CTMH colour ready alpha's and cardstock and Fancy Pants Chipboard.

I was asked by the fabulous Roxy what I was reading these days...I am still hopelessly lost in the land of Westeros found in George RR Martin's Games of Throne series.  I am almost done book 4 and really sad, there are only 6 written at the moment.  This was one of those series I swore up and down I wouldn't read until it was finished.  The Calling by Kelley Armstrong was released last I week so that is up next and I also have Kim Harrison's new book in her Rachel Morgan series on the go.  So much to read so little time!

I hope you enjoyed the layout and if you have any great book suggestions please leave them below!!! As always the amazing design team has created some fab artwork so please click the use it or lose link in the top right corner of my blog.  I hope you will play along with us!


  1. I'm fabulous, am I?!?! Thanks Jenn, I think you're pretty fabulous, too! I'm just finishing a layout I made for Use it or Lose it Challenge 5 (I think, the altered paper one) and I guess I missed the deadline - story of my life these days! Love the rainbow challenge, I can totally get into that!!! This layout is adorable, really love the photos and the bunting, and the bright colours are fab! We rented the first disk of the Game of Thrones series, and we didn't know anything about it except that it was "medieval" - we weren't expecting the fantasy aspect and didn't really get into it (except I was kind of blown away by the ending to the first episode, holy cow!) We only had it for one night, so we might give it a try again, seeing everyone is so enthralled in it! I just read the Gathering, and liked it a lot!!! And now I'm waaaaaay into the Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman - I bought it for myself for Christmas, heehee! Never read anything by her, but it's wonderful, so far!!! Anyway, must go and finish that layout, walk the dog, clean the bathrooms, feed Brenna, call my mom, etc.etc. Hugs, Roxy.

  2. Cute layout and great use of rainbow colors. And those banners in the corner just set it off.

  3. Great layout Jenn!! I love the bright colours, the stripes and the banner!!! I've had a couple of busy weeks and didn't get to do this challenge. I even had the pics printed but never got a layout put together. Maybe this weekend???
    I haven't read Game of Thrones yet, I try to be good during the school year about reading because I sometimes get obsessed, but my hubby has been trying to get into it. He's having a really hard time getting into the first book. Everyone I talk to says to just keep going.