Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anyone still there????

So I have been missing from the crafting world for a couple of months while we renovated our basement.  My craft room has been in boxes while we braced our basement walls and switched a few things around.  This was my old craft room...I forgot to take pics before I tore it apart :(

 The kids had so much fun helping!!!

And the craft room becomes the new toy room!!!

And the old toy room becomes my new space... before demo


and after!!

More pics to come!!!!  Off to catch up on everyone's summer!!


  1. Hey, I'm still here, heehee! Although I've moved again, boooo! So I know what it's like to have my stuff packed up, but for months? Oh man, I would die, Jenn! Anyway, your space looks awesome, so roomy for a group of friends to come over and scrap the night away!!! Can I come over?! Glad to hear from you, I was thinking about you just before your comment as I've been reading Kelley Armstrong's "Bitten" - finally getting into that one! Well, hope to see more photos of your space soon, and really hoping you get to do some scrappin'! Hugs, Roxy.

  2. Looks great Jenn!!! I get to paint my new space today!!! Lee finished the mudding and sanding last night (: I should maybe go take a pic now cause I forgot to take one before we put the wall and closet up. You only took over their play room!! That's not bad (: I had actually kicked the kids out of their bedroom originally so I could have the space (: Azelyn's room is looking very cute so far. We went to Bouclair yesterday and got some bling, hubby said to get her whatever she wanted, so $70 later!!! That was just for a mirror, lamp and jewellery box!!