Thursday, January 12, 2012

Layouts 43-50

Ahhh, so close...missed my goal by 2.  Here's hoping this year is more crafty :)  So here's the rest...thanks so much to everyone who left comments and managed to stick with me in 2011.  I am aiming to post more consistently this year.  You guys have been great and I have really enjoyed following your blogs.  You are all such an inspiration! 

We have Tina to thank for these layouts.  She brought me back a Star Wars kit from the states...I don't know why.  I would have no use for it lol!  Just had to buy this shirt for Josh so I could use the paper up (sarcasm).  Huge fan!  We all went as Star Wars characters for Halloween two years ago. 

Using up some old CM product.  Baby Nate :)

No sure if this is K & Company or My Minds Eye but it's stinkin cute!  Also first time I used my CTMH glitter rub interesting process.

This is Heidi grace...didn't turn out quite how I wanted it...I think the colours are too muted in the paper.  Not sure.  Meh they can't all be superstars right!

Love the Wicked WOTG!  It was Lord of the Rings for trick or treating in 2009!  What am I going to do when my kids assert their free will!  This year was Harry Potter in case you were wondering. Yep I am a geek!

I love Bo Bunny...I think I waited to long and have missed out on their winter line for this year :(  Isn't my niece adorable!  I love the pic of her on the left side!

Speaking of geeks, my sister is holding up's Math scrabble!  She was so excited.

Okay you have finally made it to the end... this concludes 2011.  Bring on 2012!

Books read: 3


  1. Ok so I have to say this - WOW!! that is a lot of layouts!! And as always they ALL look great!! And I like the Heidi Grace layout, I think she looks like the star of the show! And Geek or not I know what to bring my friend when I find it :P

  2. I think missing your goal by two pages isn't bad at all!! My first year I was so far off that's why I made last years more reasonable (:

    Fabulous layouts Jenn!!! I love the pics of your little guy in the star wars layout (: He's too cute!! I think the baby girl pages are fine, the softness works with a newborn.

  3. These are all great layouts, and double pagers, too!!! Nice work for 2011, and I must say it's been great getting to know you! Hope 2012 brings us lots of crafty fun and good reads!